g162 | ‘t was SO sweet that September mattered . . .

Swept the Halos to begin the season. . .
Swept the Halos to end the season . . .
Just came up a couple short but, what a ride!

sweet september







Mariners 4 | Angels 1

The closest thing that Felix has ever had to a playoff game – and, he did NOT disappoint  . . .
FIVE.ONE innings ~ ONE hit ~ ZERO runs ~ ZERO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ SEVEN strikeouts

The one hit was a single by Pujols in the 1st and then Felix proceeded to retire FOURTEEN in-a-row. The only reason he didn’t go longer was because during his outing, the A’s beat the Rangers which was the last straw on the camel’s back that was the M’s shot at a chance for post season. Lloyd took him out shortly after that to a thunderous ovation of pure love and appreciation for his CY-worthy, season-long effort . . .


} Brandon replaced Felix and promptly gave up a hit and a wild pitch but, escaped the 6th unscathed and breezed through the 7th
} Joe and Yourvis combined for a scoreless 8th
} Danny took the 9th and gave up a single and an RBI double before retiring the side

~ M’s took an early 1-0 lead in the 2nd on a LoMo single and a Condor RBI double
~ M’s added on in the 4th w/ a Kendrys walk, another LoMo single, another Condor RBI double and a Zu 2-run single gave the M’s a 4-0 lead

Nice DEE all around (although NO DP’s by either team)

tweets of the game . . .



g161 | win in #161 = meaningful #162 and chance for #163

WOW – what a game!
To see young guys who failed at their first opportunity come through in their second chance . . .
sort of a microcosm of the season and bodes well for the future no matter the outcome tomorrow. These players are learning what it’s like to play meaningful baseball in September and that experience is INvaluable going forward.

smooth sea









Mariners 2 | Angels 1 (in 11)

James had a nice bounce-back from the nightmare that was his start in Toronto . . .
Didn’t make it through SIX and threw a LOT of pitches but, ONE earned run? (and it came in the only inning -2nd- that he had any trouble so, nice he was able to limit the damage) We’ll take that every time!
FIVE.TWO innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

The bullpen was NAILS . . .
} Danny, Charlie, Carson and Yourvis combined for TWO.ONE innings of NO hits + NO runs
} Nando (tie game – eeek!), Tom and Dom each gave up ONE hit in their ONE inning of work but NO runs

Not a whole lot going against CJ for the first SIX innings . . .
~ In the 7th – a Kyle walk and a LoMo double tied the game at ONE
~ In the 9th – a GOLDEN OPPORTUNITY turned to lead – as the bases loaded w/NO outs and they could not score (Brad and Chris each struck out and Austin lined out)
~ More opps in the 10th – Ack led off with a single, Robbie grounded out (moving Dustin to 2B) then Kendrys was intentionally walked, Humberto struck out and LoMo grounded out
~ Then the magic that was the 11th –  three “goats” of the 9th became HEROS – Brad doubled with ONE out, Chris T singled (moving Brad to 3B) and Austin collected the GW RBI w/a walk-off fielder’s choice . . .

*** MARINERS WIN!!! ***

* Kyle with a rare mis-play allowed the Halos only run to score
* Dustin made an awesome running grab in the 10th
* Endy mis-played the very next ball in play, putting a runner at 2B w/TWO outs . . . luckily, it didn’t matter

tweets of the game . . .


g160 | Kuma back to Kuma

‘t was my last regular season game in person and it was thoroughly enjoyable. Meaningful baseball on the 160th game of the season is FUN :-)









Mariners 4 | Angels 3

He had to come out of the game for precautionary reasons in the 7th . . .
But, Kuma rebounded to give the M’s exactly what they needed. His only snafu – back-to-back solo shots (Calhoun and Trout – no shame there) . . .
SIX.ONE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Brandon, Danny and Carson combined for only ONE hit and FOUR strikeouts (including a classic one of Trout by the rook Smith)

} Yes, it was a FRE . . .
as Nando gave up a run on a single and a double but, the 48th arrow flew into a sea of rally towels

Not super prolific but, powerful . . .
~ Only SEVEN total hits but THREE homers (Kendrys, Michael and Ack)
~ Michael also had a double
~ Austin had a stolen base and Chris T had TWO! (only seems happy when his uni is dirty ;-) )

No double-play and one turned against them but, SOLID DEE all-around tonight (including on the other side, especially Trout’s filthy theft of  Kendry’s sure double in the 8th)

tweets of the game . . .


g159 | salvaged and still breathing . . .

So, the M’s ACE and their Ace in-the-making lose BIG, the rook goes a stellar eight but loses and their only win in Toronto comes from the ‘bull-pen’ game – go figure.

still breathing







Mariners 7 | Blue Jays 5

This ‘bull pen’ start definitely wasn’t pretty but, the M’s will take the final result . . .
Tom “started” but only went 1.1 while giving up TWO earned runs. They proceeded to use EIGHT more pitchers, Danny the only one to go TWO innings. Joe also gave up TWO runs, they all combined for NINE strikeouts. Nando gave up ONE run but, shot the arrow for the 47th time this season.

The bat finally awoke! Of their TEN total hits, SEVEN were for extra-bases . . .
~ LoMo with TWO homers (FOUR rbi) and Zu with ONE
~ Brad with TWO doubles, Robbie and Kendrys each with ONE
~ Runs scored all through out the line up

THREE errors (Chris, Kendrys and Brad) but, thankfully didn’t factor in

tweets of the game . . . 


g158 | Tai does what James and Felix couldn’t . . .

Well, at least this is more how we’re used to losing – ONE run games instead of blow outs but, wouldn’t you know, the M’s FINALLY get the great pitching to which they are accustomed (and from the rook, no less!) yet, they can’t eek across a single run. The post season math is getting hard . . .

Mariners 0 | Blue Jays 1

Tai was the total bright spot of the mostly putrid road trip and a real positive for the future . . .
EIGHT innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ SIX strikeouts 

Move along, nothing to see here . . .
THREE total hits, ONE double (Corey) and ONE walk (Zu – shock!)

ONE double -play turned (Robbie-to-Chris-to-Kendrys)

tweets of the game . . .


g157 | um, repeat yesterday’s post title :-(

Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 10

Felix definitely not being Felix . . . 
including a fielding error, couple of walks in ONE inning (one of the bases loaded variety) and an inning so bad he was replaced before it was over . . .
FOUR.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ EIGHT runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Dom got the final out of the 5th (but not before giving up inherited runners)
} Erasmo pitched TWO full but, gave up TWO runs
} Yourvis was the only one with a clean sheet (though he did allow a walk)

It was just an ugly, ugly game at the absolute wrong time of the season :-(

Not a lot to see here . . .
THREE of the M’s SIX runs came in the only inning that they scored (the 3rd) when Michael led off with a double, Brad singled and Robbie hit a 2-run single for the M’s only runs.

Felix had the rare error and there were NO double-plays turned

tweets of the game . . .

(and it just got worse :-( )


g156 | didn’t see THAT coming . . .

Mariners 4 | Blue Jays 14

The shortest start of James’ career couldn’t have come at a worse time . . .
He gave up EIGHT earned runs tonight (after allowing only FIFTEEN in his other ELEVEN starts this season) and also broke his own league-leading streak of 142-batters faced without an extra-base hit (w/THREE allowed – TWO doubles and a triple)

TWO.TWO innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ NINE runs ~ EIGHT earned runs ~ SIX walks ~ ONE strikeout

} Brandon, Tom, Lucas, Danny and Joe combined for the remaining FIVE.ONE innings. The good news is, they didn’t walk anyone. The bad news is they gave up FIVE runs (FOUR earned) on NINE hits

FOUR is usually enough . . .
but, not tonight doubles by Robbie and LoMO and homers by Kyle and Chris D fell WAY short

a little of everything – good and bad . . .
* PB from Jesus
* error by Chris T
* an OFA by Chris D
* a double-play from Chris-to-Brad-to-Justin

tweets of the game . . .