g18 | spittin’ bristles in Miami . . .

It sure looked promising, with the M’s seeing their first lead of the series early on but, they despite multiple chances they could not add on and the bullpen couldn’t hold it late ~ oh, the road woes (1-6 . . .  blech!)

Mariners 2 | Marlins 3

rough road







Brandon certainly surprised (me, at least!)
NO hits, faced the minimum and retired TEN in-a-row at one point through FOUR innings. Then came the 5th and with ONE out he gave up a couple of singles and a walk and after only 63 pitches, that was his day . . .
FOUR.ONE innings ~ TWO hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

} Dominic took over in the 5th – got a punch out and a ground out to retire the side. Then, got TWO outs in the 6th but, allowed TWO base-runners
} Dominic + Joe + Danny = TWO.ONE innings of scoreless relief
} Charlie + Tom = 1.1 innings w/TWO earned runs and the lead lost

Hey Brandon can bat!
1st ML AB = sac bunt to move Corey to 3B
2nd ML AB = line drive out (that Stanton made a great running shoestring catch on)
Manufacturing works . . .
first TWO runs were sac-flies – whatever it takes!
Best shot at breaking it open . . .
bases-loaded, TWO outs in the 7th – Kyle struck out :-(
all-in-all . . . ZERO for EIGHT w/RISP ain’t gonna cut it

* Nice Nick-to-Robbie-to-Justin double-play to end the 1st
* Strong throw by Dustin to keep the tying run runner at 2B on a deep fly ball in the 8th
* Justin had to double-clutch after fielding a bases-loaded bunt – runner initially called OUT but, replay challenge ends in a SAFE ruling – which tied the game
* Corey continues to prove RF is not a problem for him – surgically repaired knees and all

tweets of the game . . .


catching up on roster moves and M*A*S*H update . . .
^ Taijuan and Stephen are getting rehab starts in AAA Tacoma
^ LoMo and Blake both placed on the 15-day DL
^ Nick was recalled in place of LoMo and James in place of Blake
^ Brandon recalled for today’s game and James sent back down


g17 | frozen bats in Miami . . .

Whodathunk that the M’s largest margin of loss so far this season would be to the Marlins?

That said, losing is losing (and it sucks!) but, I’ll take the frustration of getting TWO-hit occasionally over the heart break losing a lead late, any day (must just be my defense mentality – once you have the lead, you should be able to maintain it!).

Mariners 0 | Marlins 7

frozen bats






Roenis had to work hard tonight and, despite the result, he looked pretty poised doing it . . .
kept ‘em scoreless through TWO, allowed ONE UNearned run in each of the 3rd and the 4th innings. He was just  O N E  strike away from getting through the 6th but, gave up a THREE-run homer
FIVE.TWO innings ~ EIGHT hits ~ SIX runs ~ FOUR earned runs ~ FIVE walks ~ FIVE strikeouts

} Danny came in for the last out of the 6th (struck out Giancarlo) and posted a scoreless 7th
} Fernando came in for the 9th (pretty much the only BP guy that needed work) and gave up  a run on a couple of singles (but, also struck out Giancarlo)

Move along . . . nothing to see here . . .
Alverez was on his game tonight (easy to see how he pitched a no-hitter last year) facing only THREE batters in EVERY inning, until the 9th – where he faced FOUR :/

Dustin and Mike were the only batters with hits (single and double, respectively) and not a single Mariner walked.

Not exactly a banner day in the field . . .
a nice double play to end the 3rd but, an error by Abe and a passed ball by Mike (his first of the season) both resulted in UNearned runs


tweets of the game . . .


g16 | of rallies, transfers and home run machines . . .

The game was much closer than the final score would indicate and encouraging signs for the M’s . . .
-like coming from behind again, TWICE
-like great combo of mid-relief
-like nice defense (despite the errors) all ’round
But, obviously, some disappointments and frustrations as well . . .
-like Chris Young’s early exit
-like Yourvis, struggle (thought there were extenuating circumstances: “the transfer” and that Giancarlo guy)

Mariners 4 | Marlins 8

heart break








Chris got hit hard this time ’round and, consequently, didn’t last long . . .
THREE innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ ZERO strikeouts

The bullpen was stellar – to start . . .
} Joe, Tom, Charlie and Yourvis combined for FOUR+ innings of scoreless releif
} then came the 9th and Yourvis lost it – two singles with no outs and then “the transfer” . . .
Yourvis made a BEAUTIFUL play on a bunt, fielding it bare-handed and tossing it to Kyle at 3B for what was initially ruled the first out of the inning. Unfortunately, the play was reviewed and subsequently over-turned (ruling that Kyle didn’t have possession on the transfer) and the runner was called safe – leaving bases loaded, no outs, (instead of runners at 1B and 2B w/one out) . . . enter Giancarlo and the rest is history.

It looked as if they might chase Eovaldi early . . .
~ both Abe and Corey had 9+ pitch ABs in the 1st
~ but, he ended up lasting SIX and only ONE of the THREE runs he allowed were earned
~ still, good to see the come from behind acumen for the second straight night
~ also good to see Kyle gettin’ it goin’ a bit and Corey continuing to swing well
~ and, James Jones got his first major league hit in his first major league at bat (infield single!)

The M’s were able to capitalize on some miscues by the Marlins but, unfortunately, vise versa
* Nice caught stealing by Mike to Brad – nailed!
* Joe had a nice pick-off of Salty at 1B in the 5th
* and, had it not been over-turned via replay due to “the transfer”, Yourvis’s play would have earned WebGem honors, no doubt.

tweets of the game . . . 


g15 | back-to-back for naught

Early first pitch so, nothing but a few sneak peeks at At Bat between meetings.
Until today, the M’s were 7-0 in games they had homered in. Today, TWO homers but a loss

Mariners 6 | Rangers 8

Erasmo has finally spiraled out of control . . .
-from a great start in Anaheim (7IP, 2ER)
-to a horrid start in Oakland (4IP, 5ER)
-to a bad start at home (5IP, 3ER)
-to a disaster in Arlington
TWO innings pitched ~ SIX hits ~ FIVE earned runs ~ TWO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

the pen was a bit of a mixed bag . . .
} Dominic gave up his first run of the young season
} Joe allowed a couple more
} Danny was the bright spot of the bullpen, going TWO scoreless
} Tom managed to escape damage in his inning thanks to a DP by Nick and Justin after Tome allowed a lead-off single, committed an error and walked Fielder intentionally

If one just looked at the offensive part of the box score, one would be very pleased . . .
~ FIVE total extra base hits, including Robbie’s FIRST homer
~ immediately followed by Corey’s FOURTH homer
~ THREE doubles
~ TEN total hits (three with multi-hit games)

A rather nice surprise was Corey in RF . . .
apparently, he made TWO really nice plays, including a sliding catch (on his surgically repaired knees)

Also good to see Brad rebound nicely, after last night’s nightmare

tweets of the game . . .



g14 | heart.breaker.

First true heart-breaker of the season . . .
Felix was Felix.
Unfortunately, Brad wasn’t Brad and Fernando wasn’t Fernando (hadn’t pitched in FIVE games).
You could look to blame the bats but, they WERE up against Darvish and managed to score the first run off him this season.

I saw SOME of the game from Tap House Grill where we were having Happy Hour for a friend/co-worker’s birthday – listened to the rest (worst part) on the way home :(

Mariners 2 | Rangers 3

Felix was AWESOME, as per usual . . . .
They gave him the early lead (TWO runs in the 2nd) and he ran with it
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ONE walk ~ NINE strikeouts

} Charlie relieved Felix after a lead-off triple in the 8t and allowed a hit which scored the run and then struck out the next batter and he was relieved by Yourvis who also recoreded a strikeout

} So, not that there’s ever a good time to blow a save but, a Felix start has to be one of the worst . . .
after TWO quick outs ( a fly out and a strikeout) Fernando allowed a hit and then a walke and then Brad muffed a throw to Robbie that would have been the last out of the game. But, away the Rangers went – tied the game on a wild pitch and got the winning run on a single.

Great to see Nick triple on the first pitch he sees in the majors this season (just called up from AAA Tacoma – where he’s been tearing it up – to replace LoMo who was placed on the DL today)

the TOP and the BOTTOM did their part . . .
Abe and Mike each with TWO hits and ONE RBI
But, that was all she wrote and ‘t wan’s enough

Brad’s error was about as costly as they come but, had they scored more or stopped the 9th inning bleeding at ONE rund ‘t wouldn’t have mattered.

tweets of the game . . .



g13 | of bookend pitching issues and woe is O

Happy Jackie Robinson Day!


As for the game, thankfully, I was unable to be witness to this one :-(
So, quick (like rippin’ off a band-aid) recap . . .

Mariners 0 | Rangers 5

So much for Blake’s sub-THREE ERA vs. the Rangers . . .
He only gave up TWO extra-base hits – unfortunately, they came in the form of back-to-back homers in the 2nd and then, he was out (apparently with a stiff shoulder) after the 4th
FOUR innings ~ SIX hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ ZERO walks ~ TWO strikeouts

} the bright spot of the entire game was the middle relief of Dominic (who posted TWO scoreless innings and gave up only ONE hit and struck out TWO) followed by Joe (who recorded a scoreless inning of his own).
} and then there was Tom . . . :-(
not that the bats could seem to do anything to overcome even a TWO-run deficit but, giving up another THREE was certainly not going to improve the situation.

Once again, as their extra-base hits (or LACK of) go, so go the M’s . . .
~ this wastheir THIRD game w/ZERO extra base hits (all losses)
~ of their THREE other losses, ONE game had TWO and TWO games had ONE
~ in every win, they have had at least THREE extra-base hits

Since I didn’t see/hear it, can’t speak to the DEE beyond ONE double-play and TWO caught-stealing in the box score

tweets of the game . . .


g12 | Bats get going in Arlington and Elias earns 1st MLB win

Didn’t see much of this one, due to the early start time AND the fact that I was distracted by events in another part of Texas . . .

My God daughter, who lives in Austin, gave birth to her first born!
(right about the time Mike Zunino hit the home run!)

Lots of good stuff from Texas tonight :-)

Mariners 7 | Rangers 1

Roenis earned his FIRST big league victory in his THIRD big league start . . .
Nice progression getting into the 7th inning in his THIRD BIG LEAGE start, pitching into the 7th

} Yourvis and Danny gave up TWO walks and TWO hits respectively but, in the end, got it done

Lots of fun in the box score tonight, like . . . .
~ the “S’s” (Saunders, Seager and Smoak) all with TWO hits and ONE run each (Saunders and Seager each w/an RBI as well)
~ Mike Z with TWOs across the board . . . TWO hits TWO runs and TWO RBI
(including a moon shot homer that broke the M’s 24 scoreless innings streak)
~ Robbie and Dustin also checking in with RBI singles
~ extra base hits . . . ONE of EACH . . . double by Justin, triple by Michael, homer by Mike
~ and then there was a bit of help from some super sloppy play by the Rangers (THREE of the SEVEN runs were UNearned)

Whoa! the box score says FOUR double plays!!!
Thanks to RootSports for showing some of the DEE (that I missed live) in slow-MO . . .
* super smooth DP by Brad-Robbie-Justin
* nifty fielding of a bunt by Kyle
* nice sliding catch in CF by Abe
* super-SCARY, near-disaster, collision between Dustin and Brad trying to field a shallow, foul ball (thankfully, all OK)

quotes of the game . . .

“This was big,” said Elias, who hasn’t seen his parents since leaving Cuba. “I’m very happy my companions got the win. I dedicate this to my wife and my child. My wife’s not here, she’s in Mexico, but I saw my son today and it encouraged me all day.”

“He came off of a boat,” McClendon said. “I don’t think facing Prince Fielder is really going to scare him that much. He was fighting for his life trying to make it to this country. He’s shown a lot of poise.”

Greg Johns | MLB.com


tweets of the game . . .