g46 | of King Felix, double-plays x4 and . . . whoa Nellie!

Mariners 3 | Rays 0


Not only a scoreless game through EIGHT innings but, only SEVEN TOTAL HITS in the ENTIRE game. Now THAT’s what I’d call a pitcher’s duel. Luckily, Nelson’s bat came along in the 9th :-)

Hard to believe that Felix has never won at The Trop but, he certainly appeared comfortable today (complete game shutouts will do that ;-) )
NINE innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ZERO runs/earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ EIGHT strikeouts

(Kudos to Archer, who went EIGHT giving up only TWO hits and NO walks and TWELVE strikeouts – thankfully, they took him out for the 9th ;-))

Well, as mentioned above, not a whole lot going on through EIGHT . . .
~ Seth with a double and LoMo with a single
~ then came Nellie in the 9th with his AL leading 18th home run
~ major kudos to both Seth and Robbie for walking (each on 3-2 pitches) to get on in front of Nellie (who LOVES RISP)

Kind of cool go to the AtBat app under the scoring tab and the only thing there is Nellie’s smiling face under “top of 9th” :-)


FOUR, count ’em, FOUR double plays (one for each hit Felix allowed ;-) )

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g45 | oh thank heaven for Simply Seager!

Mariners 7 | Rays 6


OK – JA and JOE both deserve MAJOR kudos as well :-)

JA put up quite the gutty performance . . .
HIs last outing was shortened by a rain delay and he was in trouble right away in the 1st: gave up TWO runs on 30+ pitches that tied the game at the time. But, he hung in there through SIX, giving up ONE more run in the 3rd and working out of trouble in the 2nd and the 5th
SIX innings ~ SEVEN hits ~ THREE earned runs ~ ONE walk ~ THREE strikeouts

} Tom and Charlie posted TWO scoreless
} and then came Nando . . . he loaded the bases with NO outs, allowed THREE runs (though the third run shouldn’t have happened – see “IN the FIELD”) that tied the game and would ultimately get the “W” (tell me how “pitcher’s wins” make ANY sense at all?!?)
} Way to go, JOE! a 1-2-3 10th for his first save

Well, ‘t was a Simply Seager kind of night . . .
THREE for FIVE, with TWO homers including a GRAND SLAM and SIX RBI – yowsa!

~ Great to see AJ back and contributing right away: lead off single, stolen base and scored a run in the 1st
~ Nellie was TWO for TWO, the second of which was his career 1000th hit
~ Welington, Brad and Chris were the only starters w/o a hit (Brad walked TWICE)
~ Robbie, Nellie, Kyle and LoMo all had multi-hit games

* AJ with a couple of nice catches (ankle seems just fine!)
* Robbie with a rare errant throw to 1B in the 9th: the runner was safe and a run scored instead of it being a game-ending DP

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g44 | Just call him Roenis “QS” Elias . . .

Mariners 4 | Rays 1

quality starts

Roenis just keeps racking up the QS’s (his 5th in-a-row)
‘t wasn’t easy – he had runners on base in every inning except the 1st but, worked out of it and hung in . . .
SIX innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ THREE walks ~ SIX strikeouts

} Mark and Carson doing their thing: each with a scoreless inning (7th and 8th respectively)
} Nando got the first TWO batters with just THREE pitches (the second one was a bit interesting as the batter’s bat shattered and then Nando couldn’t immediately find the ball – it was at his feet – but found it and threw it just in time to get the runner at 1B). Then, a base hit but, no worries! a  L O N G  fly ball to LF that Brad put away allowing Nando to draw his THIRTEENTH arrow and preserve Roenis’s second victory!

Some REALLY good signs for the offense tonight . . . 
~ Robbie coming out of it? TWO RBI singles tonight!
~ Kyle and Seth each recorded their NINTH doubles of the season (for Seth that meant TWO!)
~ baby steps re: the hits w/RISP (3 for 11 tonight)
~ BE.AU.TI.FUL at bat by Zu in the 9th:  his SIXTH homer came on the NINTH pitch (after starting out 0-2). He NEEDED that – the great AB even more than the home run.

* Brad proving serviceable in LF: several put outs tonight as well as a nice throw on a double to keep the runner from scoring
* Kyle with a super DIVING catch to rob the Rays of a base hit with TWO out ONE on in the 8th

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Shortly after the game, a move was announced . . .

Hope you get it back together, Danny – we want to see Lord Farquhar back real soon!

g43 | uP, UP . . . down

Mariners 2 | Blue Jays 8

Just when you think they are getting somewhere . . . 

up and down

Tai had his share of walks (THREE in the first FOUR innings) but, didn’t give up his first hit until the 5th . . .
unfortunately, he also gave up FOUR other hits in that inning – including TWO 2-run homers :-(
in the 6th, Tai appeared to have righted the ship, getting TWO quick outs but, then a walk and a single lead to bringing on the bullpen. His final line . . .
FIVE.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ FOUR earned runs ~ FOUR walks ~ THREE strikeouts

} Danny’s struggles continue – ugh
} Joe unusually off-kilter
} Mark, the loan pitching bright spot w/ another SOLID outing:  NO hits/runs  ~ THREE strikeouts in his ONE.ONE inning

EIGHT hits, including a homer and a double but, O’fer w/RISP (in this case FIVE) . . .
~ Kyle continuing to heat up: his second homer in as many games
~ Robbie, on the other hand, is about as cold as you can get: O’fer the series :-(

* Brad did a pretty nice job at 2B (w/Robbie getting a bit of a rest at DH)
* Ack with a not so pretty play in center when the ball took a HIGH bounce and it went over his head in the fated 5th

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g42 | back to “close and clean” . . .

Mariners 3 | Blue Jays 2

how you draw it

This is how we expected things to go . . .
solid starting pitching, stellar relief and just enough offense to keep it CLOSE, along with CLEAN defense to make a difference

James was a little shaky early but, great the rest of the way . . .
he gave up a lead-off double, a wild pitch, a single, a walk and a run on a sac fly – all in the 1st (breaking his 20-inning scoreless streak) but, was able to limit the damage and, after a visit from Lloyd in that 1st inning, he settled down nicely . . .
SIX innings ~ FOUR hits ~ TWO earned runs ~ THREE walks ~ FOUR strikeouts

and as for the ‘pen – EXACTLy as you’d write it up when you need THREE innings. . .
} The Bartender with a scoreless 7th
} Carson with a scoreless 8th
} Nando not only a scoreless 9th (for his TWELFTH save – “Dirty Dozen” ;-) ) but, he got them 1-2-3, no drama!

Only SIX total hits but, then made ’em count!
~ Kyle’s solo shot in the top of the 2nd tied the game at ONE
~ Willie’s TWO-run double in the 3rd, scoring Chris and Rickie, gave the M’s the lead they would not relinquish

No question the DEE played a part, and a pretty one, indeed!
* awesome “step and a dive” by Kyle in the 3rd
* Willie earns an OF assist getting a runner at 2B from RF in the 4th

* Robbie with a “very Robbie” play – catch of a smash liner and an nonchalant flip to 2B for the DP in the 6th

* nice sliding catch by Ack for the last out of the 7th

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g41 | Felix and Nellie and Nando, oh my!

Mariners 4 | Blue Jays 3

oh my

Nice to see Felix conquer the team/park that gave him fits last season as well as bounce back from his worst (last) start this season . . .
SEVEN innings ~ FOUR hits ~ ONE earned run ~ TWO walks ~ EIGHT strikeouts

} Carson with a scoreless 8th
} Nando . . . er, dramatics again . . . a double and a homer made it WAY more interesting than it needed to be but, his ELEVENTH save was recorded to preserve Felix’s SEVENTH victory

Only SIX total hits but, nice extra-base hit ratio . . . 
~ Nellie’s (league leading) SEVENTEETH homer
~ LoMo with a TWO-run triple
~ Zu with a ground rule (fan interference) RBI double (and Nellie also had a double)

THREE, count ’em THREE! double-plays . . .
* Kyle to LoMo
* Robbie to Chris to LoMo
* Chris to Robbie to LoMo

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g38-40 | FOUR is the SCORE but, overall, woes at the O’s

Mariners 4 | Orioles 9

  • Tai gave up more hits than Mariners got
  • the bullpen pitched one more inning than Tai but, also gave up one more run
  • TWO double-plays turned but also an error (Nellie) and a PB (Zu)

Mariners 4 | Orioles 2

  • Elias was EXCELLENT: SEVEN.TWO innings ~ SIX hits ~ ONE earned run ~ ZERO walks ~ FOUR strikeouts
  • the bottom of the order did the producing: batters 6-9 w/all FOUR RBI (Justin w/a TWO-run homer)
  • Nando made it a bit interesting in the 9th but, in the end, recorded his TENTH save and Roenis’s FIRST victory

Mariners 4 | Orioles 5 (rain delayed)

  • JA’s roughest outing to date but, had the rain not come, might have been different: he gave up a grand slam in the 1st but, ended up striking out the side in the 2nd but, the rain delay after the top of the 3rd he wasn’t able to get a shot at redemption
  • the bats came back after the delay: TEN total hits but, all singles and only THREE for FIFTEEN w/RISP
  • the BP of Tom, Mark, Joe and Charlie put up THREE.TWO hitless/scoreless innings after the delay (w/SIX strikeouts)
  • enter Lord Farquhar :-( who gave up TWO hits and the winning run

tweets of the series . . .