G8 | bunting (around the park and at the plate) the order of the day


Clifford DesPeaux/seattlepi.com

WAY to GO ~ Carlos!

Whodathunk, after last season and his first start? But, he showed that (as Wak has contended all along) he cares… “It is a big step for me,” Silva said. “We’ve been working so hard. Two weeks after the (2008) season, I started working toward this.”

Wakamatsu hopes the fans will take Silva’s effort as well.

“I don’t think fans understand how much this guy really cares and how much he wants to pitch well in this park and pitch well for the Mariners,” Wakamatsu said. “He showed that tonight.” “A lot of people talked to me,” Silva chuckled, mentioning Wakamatsu, pitching coach Rick Adair, and “our mental guy” (Steve Hecht). “That’s one of the things we needed last year, especially in the hard moments. When everything is good, you don’t need anybody. When the stuff is hard is when you need people next to you. And these people here have been great to me. They want me to do good and have success.”

Endy not only continues his hot streak, tutors Yuni on bunting

“He’s been a little shy about making the decisions (on when to bunt),” said Chavez, a 31-year-old veteran who has kept himself in the bigs by thinking little. “I’ve been trying to help him get confidence because I know he’s not used to it. Last year I believe he only bunted once all season, so I’m just trying to get him to feel comfortable to do it. It’s taken a little while.”

Joshua Trujillo/seattlepi.com

And boy did it pay off BIG! Not only was it a beautiful bunt that easily moved Franklin to 3rd … the throwing error by Shields allowed him to score and the M’s to win the game in the 10th!

Clifford DesPeaux/seattlepi.com

All-in-all a grand day that could hardly have been scripted better.