G13 | 1st series loss

M’s 2 | Tigers 8

Nothing much better than spending an afternoon at the ballpark with Dad.
Well, okay, spending an afternoon at the ballpark with Dad when the game results in a win for the home town team ~ THAT is the best. But, nonetheless, always good to have quality dad/daughter time 🙂

As for the game itself…
I guess we knew the M’s were bound to lose a series. Since their worst lost so far happened to coincide with their first series loss, I think they got enough “bad stuff” out of the way. Time to enjoy a day off at home (something it seems they didn’t have too many of last season) concentrate on the positives so far and reflect upon and adjust the negatives.

Unfortunately, Carlos wasn’t able to build upon his decent start vs. the Halos and recorded zero strikeouts. But, he did at least stay in through six and didn’t walk a batter.

~Mark gave up his first earned run.
~Miggy was actually not bad, although Yuni didn’t do him any favors by booting TWO double-play balls which eventually led to THREE unearned runs.
~Shawn bent a bit, but was able to maintain his 0.00ERA

~already mentioned Yuni – VERY disappointing. Not that it would have necessarily made a difference in the game (as the Tiggers were four runs ahead at the time) but here’s hoping he can “focus on his focus” as he seems to lose it from time-to-time.
~positives were THREE DP’s and a couple of AWESOME plays by Adrian
(unfortunately, the Tigger’s firstbaseman – Inge – had a couple great plays himself)

Plenty of hits today (congrats to Ronnie on his first homer!)..
just not the RISP stuff we have become accustomed to in this young season.

sometimes, you gotta tip your cap…
The young Tiger starter is definitely worthly of a cap tip!

“He looked like he belonged there. He still looks a little green at times but you expect that,” Tigers’ manager Jim Leyland said. “This is a project. Obviously the stuff is there, so we’ll take it from there and see what happens.”


“It’s pretty special for me to be here right now,” said Porcello, Detroit’s first-round draft pick in 2007. “You’re here, but it doesn’t matter your age. You’ve got a job to do.”

Off day tomorrow and then…

Bring on the Rays!