G24 | you show me yours….

AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey

AP Photo/Kevin P. Casey

M’s 2 | A’s 3

Clearly two aggressive teams competed tonight…
and the ‘phants won in every aspect, including the only one that really matters, the final score.

SB = M’s 0 | A’s 2
CS = M’s 2 | A’s 1
Plays at the plate = M’s OUT in the 3rd | A’s SAFE in the 9th

oh yeah … and there was that little shift that was beaten 😉

The rosy side was…
Jarrod totally back on track after his rough outing in Anaheim.

Same old, same old…
Jarrod getting almost zero run support.

Tip o’ the Cap…
to A’s pitching and smart base-running.

p.s. M’s now double digits in the loss column (only four other teams left)