First losing homstand proves exciting but costly | Home Highlights

A’s and R’s (2-3)


A+ for excitement…
~ 4 out of 5 games decided by one run
~ wins in the 9th are fun (especially when the winning run scores on a single after a 14 pitch AB)
~ wins in the 15th are pretty exciting too (especially when the tie is broken three times!)

Some of the positive pitching numbers…
~ second best ERA in the AL (3.79)
~ fourth highest number of K’s in the AL (184 – 14 above league avg)
~ fourth fewest number of BB’s in the AL (86 – 7 below league avg)

Some of the positive batting numbers…
~ leading the AL in BA w/RISP (.312)
~ second lowest strikeout total in the AL (148 – 29 below league avg)


Bats need to get a little battier…
~ 25 runs isn’t bad, but just a couple more runs and it’s easily a 4-1 home stand As for the pitching
~ third lowest BA in the AL (.261)
~ last in the AL in BB (73 – 24 below league avg)

DL stints all too common…
See previous post – let it not be a trend

color me perplexed…
~ Jarrod and Erik have AWESOME outings each going 7IP w/ at least 6 K’s and only 1ER) yet in both cases the team came away with the loss
~ Silva, Jaku and Felix all struggled in varying degrees from mightily to just not quite right, yet the team won 2 of those games