G36 | HI Sox! M’s have HIGH socks

M’s 5 | Red Sox 4

Yes, ‘t was the evening of high socks….
Ichiro has always worn his that way and so far, as an M, David has as well. Yuni’s usually got the extra long pants, but not tonight. Tonight he was showing the socks (and maybe he should do it more often!). He had been benched the last two games in Texas but came back with a “patient vengence” against the Red Sox.

I believe that Yuni and Ichi could play together for another 10 years and you would never see Ichi w/2 homers and Yuni w/2 walks -in the same game- that was fun! And the other ‘high socks’ guy gets the save. Way to go!

And then there was Jaku…
Boy, talk about a turn-around on the mound! It appeared that Chris’s goose was pretty cooked after only 3 innings (he gave up single runs in the 1st and 2nd and two runs in the 3rd). But, to his credit (and Wak’s confidence) he hung in there and ended up getting through six. Lotta pitches, but he got the win.

Strong, effective relief…
The nightmare of the last two 9th innings in Texas are now a distant memory. Nice jobs by Sean and Mark (I’ll admit, I was a bit nervous when Mark came in in the 8th with a one run lead – thankfully, I worried for naught).