Exciting bookends, middle, not so much | Home Highlights

BoSox and Halos and Giants, oh my! (5-5)


left bookend of the home stand the Sox…
~ great to take 2 of 3 from the Bostons (and I got to see both wins in person!!)
~ whodathunk the the combination of Vargas, Olson and Jaku could hold the Sox to only 11 runs and get two team wins? Way to step up!
~ and talk about shutting the door via the pen … ZERO runs given up by the bullpen all weekend!
~ game one: Ichi two homers and Yuni two walks – likely never to happen again 😉 ~ game three: 9th inning victories are fun and exciting!

right bookend of the home stand the Giants…
~ game one: best of both worlds, Randy pitches well and gets to pay his respects to the fans, but the M’s win
~ game three: Felix was more like Felix (though he had one rough inning) and nice to see Jr. and Adrian’s power displays (and Yuni walked twice more!)
~ series win = always good


Halos in the middle…
~ the hitting finally shows up (in the first two games) but then the pitching falls A-part
~ Ichi hits lead off home run in the third game of the series on Wednesday and the M’s would not score again (shut out on Thursday) until the bottom of the 6th vs. the Giants on Friday

Only 8 wins so far in the month of May and no back-to-back wins for the entire month.