G55 | 2nd Friday night lights not so bright :-(



M’s 1 | Twins 2

I’ve been to all the Friday night home games, this was the first loss.
It was the second overall loss on a Friday night (first one was to the Twins as well).

It’s a shame that Felix didn’t get the win …
He seems to be getting stronger and smarter with every outing. 7IP tonight, 7 K’s and only 1 run.
Would be nice to see less than the 3BB – but at least they didn’t come ’round to bite him. The only run he gave up was on a sac fly and all six hits he allowed were singles – and, he was able to keep the M&M boys at bay.

M’s batters had their chances…
left men on in the 3rd, 5th, 6th and 8th

The late innings were full of defensive interest…
~ There was at least one WebGem – Franklin’s robbery of Kubel up against the wall in CF
~ Rob has been SOLID behind the plate – in the 8th he threw a would-be stealer out at second, in the 9th he got a runner out at home and in the 10th help execute a pitchout that resulted in a failed suicide squeeze and the runner at third was out.

~ But then, also in the 10th, poor Wladdy took a circuitous route to a ball that would have been the 1st out of the inning and instead was a double. Then, with two on a ball that definitely should have been caught for the 3rd out glanced off his glove allowing the Twins winning run to score.

M’s now 14-12 in one-run games.
Ichiro’s streak must start anew.