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Home Sweet Home

2 of 3 from the Orioles
2 of 3 from the Twins

I’m not sure if having the best record in one-run games (15-12) is a GOOD thing or a BAD thing. All I know is that with the amount of Tums I’ve consumed in the late innings recently, I’ve surely compensated for any calcium deficiency I might have had 🙂

When one ponders upon the multitude of times that just a couple more runs would have been the difference between W and L, it is indeed exasperating. But, but this rosy one also sees it as hopeful ~ for as bad as the offense has been, it only needs to be a little bit better to make a HUGE difference. (provided that the pitching can stay the course – and that may be a tall order)

Bright Sights…

  • After losing 6 of 9 series in May, the M’s are off to a winning start in June, having won their first 2 series of the month and posting the 2nd highest BA and SLG so far in June.
  • Overall team ERA of 3.74 is good enough for #1 in the league
  • FEWEST runs ALLOWED in the league
  • 2 pitchers in the top ten in the league in strikeouts (Felix #5, Erik tied at #9)
  • 2 players in the top ten in the league in average (Ichiro at #1, Russell at #9)

Bleak peeks…

  • In April, the M’s had the highest BA w/RISP in the AL – it is now the lowest (.234)
  • FEWEST runs SCORED in the league
  • The ERRORS continue to mount – 45 is the MOST in the AL