Disappointment and Progress | Home Highlights

1-3 vs. the Orioles
3-1 vs. the Rangers

Bright Sights…

~ Jarrod! a one-hitter at the O’s and a nice start vs. the Rangers
~ One of the greatest moments so far this season was Franklin’s 8th inning 3-run homer that ended up winning the 1st game against Texas (Felix’s reaction in the dugout was absolutely priceless)
~ Speaking of Felix – super, super performance – becoming and ACE before our eyes
~ Erik seems to be getting better – didn’t quite get through 6, but progress made
~ Jason actually did well vs. the O’s (a point forgotten in the despair of the loss) he was in trouble every inning but battled and battled (and battled himself right down to AAA)
~ Definitely some clutch hits and great defense enjoyed on the home stand

Bleak peeks…

The bullpen virtually imploded in the 2nd and 3rd games against the O’s – here’s hoping it was just one of those “blips” that pens go through (as they did end up rebounding nicely vs. the Rangers) and that with a little rest over the ASB they will come back with a vengeance

And, maybe add to their helmet collection helmet collection…

And the brigade of Spartan helmets above the bullpen bench did their job to perfection.

Spartan helmets?

The Mariners’ often-goofy band of relief pitchers has acquired an assortment of props for the pomp and ceremony that takes place nightly in the bullpen. Among them are three Spartan helmets.

When Johnson’s long fly carried over the fence to break a 1-1 tie, the ball bounced off the roof of the bullpen bench, which in turn caused one of the helmets to fall.

Crisis? Hardly.

“Nothing hurt,” reliever Chris Jakubauskas said. “That’s what it’s there for.”

Come again?

Basically, the helmets are placed in a spot on the roof over the bullpen bench so they overlook the field. In a symbolic way, they attract all that’s good for the Mariners and repel evil.

Fun Group 🙂