G111 | Sunny Safe, Primo Pitching, Hot Hitting


AP Photo/Elaine Thompson

M’s 11 | Rays 2

What a day at The Safe!

I took my Dad for a belated Father’s Day celebration
(he was out of town on the actual day)
and we had a fabulous time in our “fancy Terrace Club seats” 🙂

“Hyphen” didn’t disappoint – way to go, Ryan!
No doubt he’d like to cut down the 4 walks (seems to be an epidemic lately)
but he got through 6.2 innings, striking out 6 and only giving up the 2 runs on Navarro’s homer in the 2nd.

And then there was the offense…
~ another 14 hits and 11 runs – who ARE these guys?
~ 2 doubles and two homers
~ Russell’s first grand slam as a Mariner
(which was also his first grand slam since 2003 and his first homer to left field since 2006)

And the defense just keeps getting “niftier”…
A couple great DP’s and nice outfield catches

2 thoughts on “G111 | Sunny Safe, Primo Pitching, Hot Hitting

  1. Hey section331!
    (I'm section 339)

    I definitely lucked out in the Toronto series…
    attending the “bookends” 🙂

    Are you a full season ticket holder?
    I've had the half-season (weekend plan) since '02 and have been in sections ranging from 326 to my current spot in 339. I finally made it to row 9 so unless I can actually get to row 1, I'm here to stay for awhile.

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