G117 | missed, mis-played and stolen opportunities

M’s 2 | Yankees 5
This one hurt.
(and it didn’t help that I had to sit next to a Yankee fan the entire game – at least he wasn’t obnoxious – never said a word, just clapped politely/gave a fist pump when the Yanks did something good)

the mis-plays…
Ichiro made an awesome catch of a deep fly ball and had two hits and scored a run. But, he was also involved in two very unfortunate plays….
~ a rare mis-communication between Ichiro and Franklin led to 4 UNearned runs in the 2nd inning
~ then, in the 8th inning, Ichiro attempted to steal 3B with a runner at 2B, 2 outs and Russell at the plate

the missed…
Luke lost his composure a bit after that little miscue in the 2nd inning (and he had thrown so many pitches by the end of it, seemed likely he wouldn’t reach the 3rd) but, he stayed in and got through 6IP without giving up a run despite allowing base-runners in every inning except one after the second, none scored. If only he could have gotten a little run support.

AP Photo/John Froschauer

the stolen…
Apparently, CB Bucknor has quite a reputation. Tonight was a prime example of why. There were 2 outs in the 6th, bases loaded with Mariners and on a 3-2 pitch to Ryan Langerhans that was clearly ball four (even Yankee fans admittedit) CB rang him up. Who knows what would have been at that point – one run game with Ichiro coming to the plate with the bases loaded…

a tweet from Shannon Drayer…

Seriously CB Bucknor? Posada caught that 6 inches of the ground. Brutal.

Oh well. That’s baseball.

Looking for the salvage game tomorrow – go Mr. Fister!

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  1. CB Bucknor might be the ump that most people complain about.

    Pretty brutal losing a game when you allow ZERO earned runs!

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