G118 | Congrats, Mr. Fister!

M’s 10 | Yankees 3

Lots of firsts for Doug today…
~ first run allowed (Jeter doubled in Pena)
~ first home run allowed (Swisher w/A-Rod aboard)
~ first strikeout of a Yankee (Alex Rodriguez)
~ first Major League WIN!!!!

his final line: 7IP – 8H – 3ER – 4K

and my favorite part …. ZERO WALKS!!!

OK, I really like the 7 innings and only three runs, but the walks have just seemed to be such an epidemic lately, it had to be highlighted 🙂

Nice to see the bats come ’round…
~ everyone but Ryan had at least ONE hit (but he walked and scored a run)
~ most had TWO hits, Jose had another THREE
~ FIVE doubles, Jose had TWO
~ every run came with TWO OUTS!!!

AP Photo/John Froschauer

An interesting little tid-bit to contemplate…
With today’s win, the Mariners equaled their entire win total of last season. Just think about that for a moment – they didn’t record their 61st win until the last day of the season last year.

Anyway, after suffering through Friday night and Saturday night (among Yank fans galore) I was finally rewarded by witnessing a win. And a fairly resounding one at that. Sure, it sucks that they lost the series (was realistically thinking a split was doable) but at least they go off on the road trip on a good note.