G148 | Weeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren

M’s 3 | Yankees 2

No one wanted to leave – this was FUN 🙂

Ichiro’s getting pretty good with this “walk-off” deal…
After going his first 8 years without a single game-winning hit, he has three so far this season
And, two-in-a-row (which hasn’t been accomplished in the majors since 2006).
After getting picked off 1B (not once, but twice!) you just KNEW Ichi was going to do something special.

But, as exciting as the homer was…
(and believe me, it was a NO DOUBTER)
it would have only sent the game into extras on it’s own. HUGE KUDOS to Mike Sweeney for the 2-out double of Mo.

And, as thrilling as all THAT was, it would have never gotten that far if it hadn’t been for Felix…He’s had more dominant nights, but this IS the Yanks after all.
A complete game, giving up only 1 earned run and 1 walk while striking out 3 ain’t too shabby.

One step closer to Cy contention…

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren
not sure I’ve ever seen a bigger smile on Ichiro’s face…

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren