G149 | CC shows his Cy stuff

M’s 1 | Yankees 10

Well, this isn’t the Mister Fister we have come to know and love, or at least like…
The last time he faced the Yanks, it ended in a 10-3 victory. Such is the life of a young pitcher – obviously the Yanks, having seen him just last month, made adjustments – he will have to learn to do the same.

Suffice it to say, it wasn’t too fun to be at…
(especially compared to the thrilling 9th inning victory the night before)
The bats couldn’t get anything going vs. CC and the arms were pretty out of sync individually and as a whole.

Still a chance for the series win tomorrow
and the possibility to keep the Yanks from clinching a playoff berth on our turf.

AP Photo/Ted S. Warren