Jack of all trades and master of planning…

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Our own Jack Z is certainly garnering plenty of attention these days.

He got off to a great start last season by determining that the best way to improve the long suffering, struggling club was to find a strength or two (pitching and defense) and focus on a huge asset in hand (the expanse of Safeco Field). Seemed to work like a charm – M’s proved they could throw and catch with the best of ’em. ‘t wasn’t quite enough to get them to the coveted post season, but ~ 85 wins after a 101 losses ~ a bit more than baby steps.
And now, on to the winter of our content that is the off-season where aught-9 turns the page to 20-10.
We all know the deals and acquisitions by now. Still a heavy focus on pitching and defense (Figgins, Guti, Lee, Kotchman and now Felix) with a dose of low risk/high reward (MB) and the added component of OBP. And, not to be forgotten, Junior’s ability to keep things fun and loose (and hit a clutch homer or 10).
Anyhoo, most agree, Jack is passing his second off-season with flying colors ~ navy and teal, of course.
Red Sox fans
Yank fans
And my favorite…
Hardball Timeswhere Jack is referred to as…

“Once everyone else’s bug, Jack is now baseball’s windshield.”


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