Chemistry ~ it’s not just for players

The significance of “chemistry” seems to be the epitome of the “chicken or egg” debate ~ Does great chemistry contribute to a team’s success? Or, does winning develop great chemistry?

One thing not open for debate…
the 180 turn-around from the abyss of acrimony that was the team of 08 to the tickle fest of 09 was nothing short of a miracle. Not only did the M’s improve their win total by 24 games, but they actually looked like they were having the time of their lives (just see the celebration of a third place team….)

Anyhoo ~ what I have surmised in recent weeks…
from watching the Q&A videos from Fan Fest, listening to the Hot Stove League Show and reading various blogs and columns is that this whole chemistry deal is important among coaches and the front office – and this organization seems to have it in great supply. Every time I turn around, it seems that some coach or FO guy is relaying the history of his relationship with another in the organization ~e.g., Carmen Fusco, Director of Pro Scouting and Jack Z have known each other since elementary school – grew up on the same street in fact. Okay, that’s an extreme case, but there are other examples of those who have know each other for years and/or previously worked together. Many of them have player development experience (a rather vital attribute for assembling a contending team) and what comes through without fail is that they are all on the same page with Jack and Wak. They all share a passion for the game, a desire to win and are using their various talents (whether it be general knowledge of the game, teaching skills, talent evaluation, etc.) to build something special.

So, it occurred to me…
it’s very possible this whole chemistry thing starts at the top. And, from all accounts the “great mix of 2010” has just begun….


2 thoughts on “Chemistry ~ it’s not just for players

  1. Completely agree Lisa!

    Of course some people who read this might think to themselves “Too bad the M's got Milton Bradley!”!

    When he was on the A's in 2006, he was so great (especially during the strech run and play offs). Sure, he can be a nut.. but I still like him to this day.

    I really think he'll be the X-factor of the team (whether they compete or not)!

  2. I think many agree with you about “Mt. Milton” being the x-factor, Daniel. If Griffey and Co. can keep him from exploding without quelling that competitive fire, things could be very interesting…

    The x-factor for the pitching staff may be RRS. If can pitch all season like he did after returning from injury rehab last year, that 1-2-3 would be real swell…

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