More love and pub for our own Jackie Z

OK, at some point the hype has got to stop, right?

I mean it’s fun and exciting and all but, I have to admit that all this attention is making me a bit nervous – is it actually “live-up-to-able”?
I kinda prefer it when my team flies under the radar (think 2001)
Oh well, here we go…

Sports Illustrated has a big story coming out in this week’s editions singing the praises of Seattle Mariners general manager Jack Zduriencik and the franchise’s commitment to building a winner through defensive measures.

Titled “Feel the Glove,” the five-page story by Albert Chen talks glowingly about the Mariners’ willingness to take a different approach and ability to find the right players for that system since Zduriencik took over a year ago.

The main photo showing a leaping Chone Figgins was shot by local sports photographer Rod Mar.

Chen notes that the Mariners were last in the American League in runs scored and near the bottom in nearly every offensive statistic, yet improved by 24 wins last year in getting to 85-77.

Chen notes that no team in the history of the AL had scored so few runs and won as many games.

“Seattle is a team straight out of a different era, with defense as its backbone,” Chen writes.

The story details how the Mariners uncovered Franklin Gutierrez as a key element and then watched in amazement as he blossomed in center field last season. It talks about this year’s additions and how Zduriencik has blended Billy Beane’s Moneyball theories with his own deep history in scouting.

Well, I certainly can’t argue with the direction.
Since most know my motto by now but, just in case you missed it…
~ Chicks dig the long ball, but REAL women love leather ~
UPDATE: Here’s the link to the SI story …
Feel the Glove

OBP? Sooo 2003. This winter baseball’s smart guys—most
notably the ones running the Mariners—turned run prevention into the Next Big

Can’t wait to get the hard copy!


One thought on “More love and pub for our own Jackie Z

  1. Right on Lisa!

    I think the M's and A's are the best defensively, than the Rangers and Angels. Seattle shouldn't play Lopez at 3rd unless they have to, however.

    I won't say where I think the A's are ranked among the others, I'll let you figure that out for yourself!

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