Catch as catch can…

                                                     Ross D. Franklin / AssociatedPress

All the talk from Thursday was how Adam Moore is impressing – which is a good thing.  Especially considering that Rob Johnson is easing into the season slowly after his three off-season surgeries.  I’m in total agreement with the old mantra, “You can never have too much pitching.”  and it would seem to me that having back-stop(s) that know and can handle each and every pitcher on the staff is pretty darned important.

A long shot to make the M’s BP, due to his Rule 5 draft status, Kanekoa Texeira would rather stay with Seattle than go back to NY…

But Texeira wants to stay.

“I like this group of guys and the staff is nice, too,” he said. “I would rather stay here. I have made some good friends and would see them later on. To stay here would be awesome, but that’s out of my hands.

Nice little write up from the AP on the “decorated” Brandon League..

“But if I go back [to the Yankees], I would have to shave and cut my hair.”

As busy as I’ve been with work lately, it has been EXTRA frustrating to not be able to listen to the ST games.  The good news is – 20 out of the final 22 games WILL be on the radio – YAY!!

Oh, saw a quote from Giants manager Bruce Bochy where he referred to Ichrio and Chone Figgins as “gnats”.  I think they are a new kind of insect …

the “Ichi-Fig”