They’re baaaaaaack…..

And MUCH better than the past few years…

Mariners Commercials!

My personal fav is “Running Catch”.  Pretty evident that Guti could be a movie star, but how cool is it to have the manager and the general manager in a commercial?!?

The bloopers are hysterical 🙂

Hurry up, April!  I am SO ready for baseball!!!

btw ~ last season I dropped my season tickets from two seats to one (as I usually ended up going by myself anyway) so I have to by separate tix for Opening Day in order to take my standing date of some dozen years (my lovely mother-in-law).  I didn’t receive the season ticket holder email where you could order single game tix and almost lost out – luckily, my account executive was nice enough to take care of me (even though I was past the deadline).  Anyway – found out today where our seats are ….
row 7 in the Terrace Club, bay-bee!!!