g3 | another walk-off loss


Marniers 5 | Athletics 6

on the hill
He ended the season strong last year, after being injured early, and had a decent spring this season, so, expectations were high for RRS (especially with Cliff on the DL to start the season).  His first start of the season is not likely one he’ll be writing (or tweeting) home about, but I’m sure he’ll learn from it.

Unfortunately, RRS wasn’t alone in the less than stellar performance category.  In fact, other than Sean White, none of the arms were at their best.  ‘t is early … 

at the plate
The scoring was back and forth all evening betwixt these two “power-houses” and the M’s showed some offense life and a little bit of everything…
~ Milton with his first hit as a Mariner – a two-run home run
~ Figgy with his first RBI as a Mariner – a sac-fly
~ Jack W with his first hit this season – an RBI single
~ Jose with a stolen base!

But, though they answered well, they just couldn’t add on despite multiple chances.

As Matt Pitman was complaining about the 2 errors on the post game (Ichiro and Adam), I thought I’d take a quick peek at Baseball-Reference.com to see how this platinum gloved team fared early on last season – sure enough – they had 3 errors in a series in Oakland.  Must be something in the water….
Anyhoo, then there was that play, depending upon your vantage/view point, that Milton should/could have made – but instead ended up being the game winner for the A’s.  It was a pretty tough play, I don’t think I’m willing to blame him for the loss (he did after all contribute offensively with his blast in the first and made a couple of great run-saving plays in the field). 

And so, despite this being the first game the M’s recorded any errors and no double-plays, I’m not worried about the defense.  It will be fine.  More than fine, in fact.

Now, if the M’s ever need a good 7+ innings from a starter, today would be the day…
You go, Mr. Fister – help salvage the split!!