g6 | the Guti show!

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Yesterday was good start, bad finish.

Today was mediocre start, excellent finish ~ and, Guit had a hand (er, bat AND glove) in it 🙂

on the hill
Felix Day!
~ He wasn’t super sharp, but still managed to get through seven, keeping his team in the game – and good to see the walk totals significantly reduced (only one)
the pen comes through!
~ Mark was a bit shakey (walked two) but was able to get out of the 8th unscathed.
~ the D.A. pitched a scoreless 9th striking out batter #1 and batter #3 and allowing a VERY loud, long fly ball, that if ‘t weren’t for Guit would likely have tied the game.

at the plate
Started well, scoring in the first by stringing three singles together and advancing on a wild pitch.  A good throw got Guti at home, otherwise would have scored more.  Then, at least a hit an inning in all but 5th, 6th 8th – but no runs.  Then came the 9th … yowsa – what a comeback!  Nothing more than singles, but when you string ’em together along with a walk and a sacrifice, sometimes it’s enough.  And, in this case, the 3-run 9th was JUST enough.

Well, there was a nice DP (as depicted in the photo above).
But, the talk of the town (and SportsCenter’s #5 play of the day) was this ….


Paul Moseley MCT

Some thoughts on “the catch”…

“That’s the greatest catch I’ve ever seen,” batting coach Alan Cockrell said.

Aardsma wasn’t totally surprised.  “I thought it was long gone, but if it’s in our hemisphere, Franklin can catch it,” he said.

And in the Seattle dugout, the manager turned to the man next to him and shook his head.  “I said, ‘If he’s not the best center fielder in baseball, I’ll kiss your (rear),’ ” Wakamatsu said. “I’ll challenge a lot of guys to make that play.” 

Starting pitcher Felix Hernandez, who worked seven tough innings and allowed two earned runs, watched that catch from the clubhouse on television.  “I got a little excited,” he acknowledged. “After losing four in a row, that’s just what we needed.” 

Gutierrez was asked if he’d ever had a better ninth inning – game-winning hit, game-winning catch. He thought a moment and shrugged, the way Edgar Martinez used to do.  “Given the circumstances, losing four in a row, that inning was pretty important,” Gutierrez said. “I’d put that catch in my top 10.”