ODE ~ Opening Day Eve…

Well, it’s almost here and I find myself rather antsy.  Between breakfast with my BFF and chores and other errands, I did at least manage to make it to the Team Store today to check out the new merchandise.  Unfortunately (or fortunately, if you’re my debit card) not a whole lot I couldn’t live without (although I only made it to the South Center location, I’m sure the Safeco Field one will have LOTS of goodies to choose from – I’ll check that out tomorrow).  Anyhoo, I did pick up some gloves and a cute/cozy little hat…

Here are some links about some new stuff around my “summer home”…

New eats at The Safe
Something for everyone with everything from vegan soup to prime-rib nachos!

Oh no – whistle stops?!?
New overpass may force train whistles to cease when passing Safeco Field.

And there’s the new LED Out of Town Scoreboard…

They say it’s better in person.
I think maybe they are right – you’ve gotta be there – and, thankfully, I will be!

And then there’s the latest on the re-habbing lefties – both seem ahead of schedule

Now, here’s to a homestand that features the Mariners…
~ starters goin’ long and strong
~ bullpen working effectively and efficiently
~ defense sparkling like we know it can
~ offense proving that home runs are boring (but surprising ups with a few anyway) by showing that hit ‘n’ run, sacrifice and thievery are where it’s at

Come on M’s, do what you do and let’s get this ALW party started!