g8 | well, so much for the home cookin’

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Mariners 0 | Athletics 4
I remember turning to my mother-in-law after the great pre-game ceremonies (Jack Z and Ichiro receiving their awards, the National Anthem, Randy’s first pitch, the Make-a-wish kid running the bases, etc.) and saying, “Wow, that was pretty great, and we still get to watch a ball game!”
Little did I know, the pre-game would be the highlight.

Photo by Otto Greule Jr/Getty Images

Looks like retirement agrees with the Big Unit, that’s the biggest smile I’ve ever seen on him.  So anyway….

on the hill
RRS was looking awesome, perfect in fact, through three.  Then the A’s were able to score one in the 4th, still without the benefit of a hit when Ryan walked the bases loaded and Oakland scored on a sac-fly.  Ryan was able to escape without further damage with a pretty nifty DP turned behind him. The A’s first hit didn’t come until the 6th – and it counted, a home run to left.  The five walks were u g l y – but…. the 7IP and 3H (vs. a hot team) were good and hopefully something to build on.  Shawn and Sean allowed one hit and no runs each in the 8th and 9th innings respectively.

at the plate
How ’bout let’s not even go there.  Suffice it to say, the M’s were shut-out for the first time this season.

A couple of awesome DP’s and definitely seeing why Kotchman is manning 1B.

There was that little faus-paux by Milty in LF that allowed two runs to score – hard to say though – was it Ryan’s walks, Rob’s drop of a third strike or MB’s error that was really to blame?  None of it was good, that’s for sure.

Tip o’ the cap the the A’s and especially to Justin Duchscherer.

Anderson and Mr. Fister tomorrow…

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  1. In Bradley' defense, those two runs would have scored anyway. I think you're seeing him at his absolute worst right now and they should keep him in the line-up!

    As for Smith, I don't know what the hell happened with him. Both pitchers were cruising and than he just lost his control.

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