g9 | you go, Mister Fister and Uncle Milty!


Mariners 3 | Athletics 0
Save for the error (‘s okay Jose, even Adrian made a few) this game seemed to be a microcosm of what I thought the M’s would show us this season…
SOLID pitching, SPARKLING defense and JUST ENOUGH offense
(ok – thought they’d run a bit more, but Ichiro’s a slow starter, so come May, watch out for the Ichi-Fig!)

on the hill
What a performance from Mister Fister!
8 full innings, 100 pitches, 3 hits, 4 strikeouts, 0 runs and ZERO walks for the M’s first “starter W”
And the DA came in and, as per usual, made things a bit interesting, but got the job done for his 3rd Save

at the plate
Now, there WERE several frustrating moments – er, at bats, er innings, leading up to the 8th inning.  But, at least there were occasional base-runners and the frustration was gettin’ ’em over and in as opposed to Opening Day, when they couldn’t even get them on.  Then, the break through – Jose singled, Mike walked and, after showing bunt, Milton homered.  Relief from M’s fans everywhere was audible.


2 DP’s! and JW looking more like the defensive wiz that JZ traded for

The spark has been lit, can the roaring flames be long behind?