g12 | so glad we have a roof at our disposal…

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Mariners 4 | Tigers 2
While last night was GREAT (let’s face it, scoring 11 runs is always a good thing) tonight was really more like we expected the M’s to win – with SOLID pitching, SPARKLING defense, SPEEDY running and (it wrecks the alliteration, but) TIMELY hitting.

on the hill
~ RRS only allowed 4 hits thru 6 (the 3 walks were a little disappointing, but an improvement).  He gave up a solo shot to Magglio (who hasn’t done that?) and the lead off double he allowed before leaving the game in the 7th came around to score.
~ Brandon allowed that inherited runner so score, yet he would get the eventual win … something wrong with this picture…
~ Mark wasn’t super sharp, allowing a run and a walk, but escaped unscathed via the DP
~ David with another 1-2-3 save (we could get used to this!)

at the plate and around the bases
~ Ichi-Fig = 3 hits – 3 runs – 1 walk – 1 rbi – 2 sb
~ Guti still smokin’ hot with another 2 hits and 2 rbi (including an insurance run in the 8th)
~ Milty contributing with a run, a walk and a stolen base
~ Casey with a double for the go-ahead rbi in the 7th (though he was out attempting 3rd)

~ Jose is looking more and more at home over at the hot corner and Casey’s a truly great first-bagger – case in point?  The aforementioned DP (Jose to Figgy to Casey) to end the 8th.
~ Oh yeah, and that Area 51 guy ain’t too shabby either
~ And what about Milty?  He made a couple of very nice catches in left

shhhh…. I think I hear bristles rustling…

3 thoughts on “g12 | so glad we have a roof at our disposal…

  1. “Brandon allowed that inherited runner so score, yet he would get the eventual win … something wrong with this picture…”

    Pitchers w/l records (especially relievers) rarely tell the whole story!

    Regardless, I think the M's relievers are doing a nice job!

    Ok, I'm looking at this closer and five of seven are doing a nice job! That works!

  2. Yeah – Tex and Jesus had great springs…
    hopefully they'll get it turned around.

    Your guys certainly aren't lookin' too shabby either Daniel! But, you can stop beating up on the O's. Why do I have this feeling they'll be coming to Seattle with nothing to lose, so they will finally win?

  3. I'd like to take all the credit for the nice start. I'm doing a fantastic job!

    The O's aren't nearly as bad as their record. Their closer and now Tejada certainly isn't going to help matters.

    Harden better stop screwing around if the Rangers are going to stay in this!

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