g14 | and they call him Mister Fister

Elaine Thompson   The Associated Press

Mariners 8 | Orioles 2
Well this was quite the game to have missed!  We had dinner guests and had the radio with the game on in the background – paying just enough attention to know that the M’s had gone up big, early.  It wasn’t till after our guests left, when I sat down to watch from the bottom of the 8th, that I realized we’d missed something special.

on the hill
Mister Fister was on the mound and he had no-hit the O’s through six innings.  Markakis (same guy who spoiled Jarrod’s last season) broke it up in the 7th but, what a performance!  In the first, he allowed walk and hit a batter, then retired the next 16-in-a-row.  After the game, Wak said he was extremely impressed with Doug’s composure and command and how he has learned from every start in his young ML career.

at the plate
7 runs in the 3rd! and one in 7th – you almost feel sorry for the O’s …
And it doesn’t appear there were any cheapies either ~ we are talking FIVE doubles and a homer (one of each from Casey “with the bat” Kotchman!).  The rbi’s were bunched in the middle of the order (even Jr. got into the scoring action with a 2-run single in that 3rd inning) while batters 1-2-3 accounted for 4 hits, all 5 walks and 5 of the 8 runs.

leather works
Rarely does a pitching performance such as the one Mister Fister turned in come without some outstanding defensive plays – and this one did not disappoint (even rated TWO of the top five ESPN WebGems) including a great DP by Jack and Doug helping out his own cause with a super pick at first of a snazzy spin and throw from Figgy.