g18 | seriously?

Mariners 4 | White Sox 5
Talk about walk-off road woes 😦

  • Yesterday it was a matter of mediocre starting pitching and some great, clutch hitting and then a mistake pitch from the pen ~ Mark 
  • Today it was a matter of great starting pitching and just enough hitting and then two (or three!) mistake pitches from the pen ~ David

so, “from the pen” seems to be the common denominator… 
Early on, seemed like they were over-used, as the starters just weren’t quite stretched out yet.  Lately, seems like they may be suffering from a bit of rust now that the starters are going long.  Also, there has been a bit of flux in the roles … maybe not quite fully defined yet.  I’m thinking this is the sort of thing that a little time and “Wetteland wonder” will take care of.

definitely not time to panic yet….
The bats have finally started to come alive, the “D” is still looking awesome and, for the most part, the starting pitching has been great of late.  I am a little concerned about RRS but, apparently he and Wak had a sit-down today – here’s hoping it will have the same effect on him as it did on Felix last May.

Go, Jason!  Go, bats!
Let’s see you avoid spittin’ bristles on the south side….