g29 | what’s with the crazy 8’s??

Mariners 0 | Angels 8
0-8 two days in-a-row?

The Canadian Press

And one with Felix on the mound?

The walks were killer (and not necessarily all Felix’s fault, seems there was NO help at all from the guy in “the other blue”).  He settled down a bit after the brutal 4 run (34 pitch) first inning, but then gave up THREE home runs in the fourth… argh!

There was some speculation that Felix was still having back issues, but according to Shannon, it’s nothing physical.  She went so far to say that “he’s lost his mojo”.  Basically, she said that, even prior to this losing streak, Felix has not had his normal swagger in the clubhouse this season and the lack of same, seems to be carrying over to the field.

Who knows…. maybe he just has to have the requisite requisite sucky game vs. the Halos in May before he really kicks it into gear.

Then there was the offense or, lack thereof. Jared Weaver had a no-hitter two outs into the 7th. Luckily, Junior singled to break it up.  Unluckily, they had only one other hit (double by Michael Saunders) and no runs.

The only positive was the bullpen – but, considering Mark Lowe is on the DL, that’s a pretty important positive.  Jesus, Brandon and Tex combined for 5.2 hitless, scoreless innings.

Oh, there was one other positive from the game tonight.  I met a very nice lady (fellow Mariner fan, of course).  If you find your way here, Debbie – just wanted to say it was nice chatting with you!

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