g30 | progress?

Mariners 3 | Angels 4 (in 10)
OK, I may be reaching about the “progress“.
     ~ Yes it was frustrating to see a dozen runners stranded
     ~ Yes it seems impossible that only ONE of NINE walkers scored
     ~ Yes the result was another “L”


BUT…. hey, at least the bases had some company tonight!

Even that long elusive 4th base ~ AKA home plate!
Which is more than can be said for the past few games.

I’ll just chose to take the rosy view, thank you very much.  It remains to be seen whether this little teeny, tiny bit of offense is enough to spark something bigger.

on the mound
Despite the end result, Doug’s performance was a good one.  Obviously, his 7IP-8H-3ER-1BB performance goes down as a quality start but, more importantly, he passed the mettle test.  That rough 5th inning, in which he gave up the only walk and 2 of the runs, was really the first adversity he had faced so far this season.  It was nice to see he was able to rebound and get through seven.

Bummer that David gave up what would prove to be the winning run but, asking him to pitch 2 innings after not pitching for 6 days was a pretty tall order.

at the plate
good = patience is a virtue (NINE walks)
not so good = only one of them scored
bad luck = a couple HARD hit balls (Robs liner to 3rd and Josh’s LONG fly to center come to mind)

No spectacular plays and no double-plays (though lots of opportunity for them!)
Just good, solid “make the play” defense.

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  1. Yes – I know, I was there 🙂

    But didn't get home til late after taking my mom to the Carol King/James Taylor concert – which was great, by the way!

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