g31 | exhaaaaaaaaale!

Mariners 8 | Angels 1
And, a Happy Mother’s Day it was!

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Especially for Michael Saunders mom . . .

“Getting one today was really special, with my mom in the stands,” Saunders said. “She’s been through a lot for the last 11-12 years, battling cancer and everything. So not only was it special for me to hit a home run, it was more special that she was here to see it.”  Jane Saunders has been battling various forms of cancer since Michael was 11. She’s had four different stints with the disease, which recently returned again.

on the mound
Jason was great again – through seven, he  gave up only four hits, walked on and struck out four.  The lone earned run he allowed came after he walked the lead-off batter in the eighth and Brandon came in and struck out the next batter, suffered an error behind him and then threw a wild pitch.  Shawn pitched a scoreless ninth.

at the plate
wow – 12 HITS!  2 doubles, 1 triple and 2 home runs! (not to mention 4 stolen bases – 2 of which scored).  And, the most important thing …. more runs than the other team
Whodathunk that when the M’s finally hit back-to-back home runs, it would be Josh Wilson and Michael Saunders?!?  The M’s needed a spark in the worst way and they finally got it.  Now, here’s hoping they can keep that spark stoked on the off-day travel to Baltimore.

If there was a negative about the game, it was that the M’s could have easily had 3 more runs – two runners were thrown out at the plate and one was picked off 3B (with one out).

Despite the Josh’s error and Adam’s passed ball, the “D” overall has looked MUCH better the past couple of games.  They even managed a double-play yesterday.

Meanwhile, Alan Cockrell is the scapegoat for M’s quiet bats.

In other news, Congrats to Dallas Braden!
Perfect game vs. the Rays – wow.  Guess he can answer A-Rod’s question about “what has he done…” now with – “something only 19 players in HISTORY have done”.

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  1. Vargas is doing a great job, he deserves a lot of credit!

    Seattle' offense was due..finally they got to someone!

    As for Griffey..no excuse for that. If that was the 25th guy on the roster he's gone! Not that it's cool for the guy who ratted him out, but Junior is supposed to be a leader!

    The A's game was such torture. I don't think I enjoyed any part of the Perfect Game until it was over. I thought all three of those at bats (in the 9th) could have been hits.

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