g42 | fUn wiTh cRooKeD nUmBerS

Mariners 15 | Padres 8

No, that’s not a typo.
It wasn’t the Chargers vs. the Seahawks (although the weather certainly seemed more like November than May)

In his previous FOUR starts, Cliff gave up a total of SEVEN earned runs, yet had only ONE win.
Tonight, he notched his SECOND win, despite giving up SEVEN earned runs.

That’s baseball.

On their last home stand, the Mariners scored a total of TWENTY runs in NINE games.
Tonight, they recorded FIFTEEN hits (including 3 doubles & 3 home runs ) scoring FIFTEEN runs.

That’s baseball.

Coming into this game, both the Padres and Mariners had had shown GREAT pitching and ABYSMAL hitting.  One would have expected a two hour, 2-1 affair.
Tonight – the M’s didn’t pitch well, the Padres pitched horribly, the M’s absolutely crushed the ball and the Pads scored plenty enough to win about 99% of the time.

That’s baseball.

In their last TEN games, the Mariners have played SEVEN one-run games.
Tonight, they won by SEVEN runs.

That’s baseball.

Glad I was there.
I like baseball.

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