g69 | sWeeP!!!

Mariners 1 | Reds 0

Nice to see RRS finally pitch as expected and be rewarded with a victory.

What an AMAZING job by Brandon!  To come in with 2 on on and NO outs and get through the inning unscathed = super!  And, to turn in a defensive gem in a critical juncture = super duper!
(I  admit – I was nervous about the BP – worried that they would be rested to the point of rusted – so glad I was wrong)

And more pitching…
The DA slams the case closed!

and JUST enough offense….
The lonely run after Figgy singled, got to 3B on a Lopey base hit and then home on a Guti sac fly.

Just as it was scripted in the off-season.  
Unfortunately not the way it has gone for the majority of the real season.   The last four games have shown they are capable … let’s see if they can find a way to keep it up.