g88 | of errors and wild pitches and baseballs lost in the sun….

Mariners 2 | Yankees 8

Mulligan for the first inning, please?
U G L Y times in that first frame, and even though only two scored.  Even Wak, in the post game, basically said Ryan was a “victim” of the shoddy defense.  Granted, he had a couple wild pitches and made some other mistakes, but you just have to wonder if Ryan had been able to get out of the first unscathed, if the momentum would have swung differently.

Not much you can do about those ball lost in the sun../
Guess it didn’t happen to the Yanks OF’ers cuz CC was getting mostly ground balls (other than Casey’s too little too late homer in the 9th).


There was some super D as well…
Guti made two great catches and Ichi another.
Frustrating to know what they are capable of and not see it consistently.

Yanks take the series and lead the season series 4-3.  M’s have one more left – in NY in August.

2 thoughts on “g88 | of errors and wild pitches and baseballs lost in the sun….

  1. Never lost a ball in the sun. I DID lose one in the lights at the fence in left field, and THAT was an onerous feeling. At least it did not plunk me and go over the wall, like what happened to Jose Canseco, back in the days of yore 😉

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