g115 | game loser, series winner

Mariners 1 | Athletics 5

Unfortunately, I missed the first couple of innings…
Because, fortunately, I was there with 40+ co-workers for a work “outing” but, who knew there would be 31k+ people there and parking would be an issue?!?

Then, of course, it would have to be one of the shortest games of the season…
Mr. Braden was certainly on his game – M’s collected all of four singles with their lone run coming via a sac-fly.  And then there was Mr. Ellis, who decided to make up for grounding into the triple play in the first game of the series by getting three hits, driving in three runs and scoring one.

Mr. Fister wasn’t near as sharp as his last outing…
way too many pitches (91 through 6) and walks (3)

And, I didn’t even win Baseball Bingo!
But, ‘t was a fun outing anyway.

The guys are off for the longest road trip of the season….
three games each in Cleveland, Baltimore, New York and Boston

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