g147 | Felix Friday = Fantastic Fun!

The lead-off walk did not forebode the innings to come….
Felix set down 21 batters in-a-row, including EIGHT via strikeout (one on a 93mph change up!)
‘t was a REALLY fun game to be at, especially as Felix’s zeros were mounting….  
Felix is just such a joy to watch and has developed into the epitome of a major league pitcher.  Not only does he have absolutely nasty stuff, he seems to have learned to control and use his emotion to his advantage.  He gets super pumped after a big out, but doesn’t get rattled anymore when he gives up a hit (even if it happens to break up a no hitter in the 8th 😉  And, he’s had GOT to be one of the best fielding pitchers in the game.
Huge props to Adam Moore….  
It can’t be easy catching Felix when he’s spot on and dominating with everything he’s got.
A ‘W’ added to the total that should be SO much more…
Felix took the lead back in strikeouts (now stands at 222) and lowered his leading ERA (to 2.35)
Of course, many focus on the wins, or lack thereof, as the reason he won’t win the CY – even though he dominates most of the other stats that REALLY matter when determining the best PITCHER.
Some of the cases for Felix…