g148 | no delusions vs. Mr Lee

Mariners 1 | Rangers 6

Cliff (the mentor) vs. Jason (the mentored)….
I thought Jason would fair a bit better but, wasn’t surprised at the outcome of the M’s bats vs. Cliff

The defense was the lone bright spot…
All the routine plays were made (as they should be but, have necessarily been all season) and there were several players who made great plays (and not JUST the stalwarts like Ichi and Guit) all around the field.
~ Tui looked confident at 3rd and made some nice stops and throws to first.  ,
~ Josh made a head-turning catch on a shallow CF fly
~ Figgy made a super sliding catch to get an out at first
~ Jason knocked down a come-backer and was able to get an out at home with a great tag by Josh
~ Michael made a neat sliding catch in LF
~ Justin held his own at first (on his first day back to the bigs after a night of celebration with the Rainiers the night before and a long flight earlier in the day), including a nice stop of a liner with a toss to Jason at the 1B bag for an out.