ST17 | vs. Royals

Mariners 1 | Royals 9


Comments from Wedge and Felix say it all…

After watching his team lose, 9-1, to Kansas City, manager Eric Wedge tried to be a little understanding.

“It’s the middle of spring,” he said. “In the beginning, guys are all fired up to be playing games. About halfway through, where we are now, they realize, ‘Hell, there’s a couple more weeks of this.’

“There’s no excuse for sloppiness, and this is not the way we’re going to operate. You’ve got to come to play, and the last couple nights, we’ve been a little sloppy.”


Felix Hernandez didn’t like the green baseball cap Major League Baseball requires all its players to wear on St. Patrick’s Day – and he wasn’t crazy about his pitching, either.

“I threw everything tonight, and they hit it all hard,” the Seattle ace said. “I got my work in, but 80 pitches in four innings? That’s not good. And six runs? That’s terrible.”