g20 | Happy Felix and Adam Everywhere Day!

So, just because only one run was scored, doesn’t mean it wasn’t an eventful game.  Being the pitching and defense lover that I am, single run games are my idea of cool to start with (as long as the M’s are the ones with the singular run) but, this one was a bit special, in more ways than one.


Of course, it all starts with Felix…
Lately, he’s not been the King we have all come to know and love, but we all knew it was only a matter of time for him to come around.  He’s no stranger to early struggles but, due to the team’s sad sac start, speculation and rumors abound.  Some have said Felix appears “distracted” and frustrated by the poor play of his team (offensively AND defensively).  Others have surmised that it’s only a matter of time before he’s donning pinstripes.  To both schools of thought I say ….Balderdash!

We heard from Shannon after the KC start where Felix seemed rather frustrated.  Turns out, that the frustration more incredulity – he was genuinely shocked that they were hitting good pitches.  Maybe he shouldn’t have been surprised (the Royals offense is certainly near the top of the heap in the early going this season) but, in any case he vowed to figure it out.  And, he did.  Granted, it was against the A’s, the team he dominated on Opening Day in Oakland and one of the three other teams that have scored even fewer runs than the M’s.  But, you gotta start somewhere. 


Now, where the surprise specialness come in, is from a vet off the bench…
Adam Kennedy was in the line up and playing first base in place of Justin (who, as mentioned in a previous post is out on bereavement leave due to the death of his father).  Talk about stepping in and stepping up.  Not only did his homer accounted for the only run of the game (thereby the winning run) but he played stellar defense at first.  He was part of a great double play in the 7th that snuffed out the only lead-off batter to reach base vs. Felix and a couple of great grabs (including an Beltre-like basket-catch, stops, tosses that accounted for four other outs.

The third element of specialness is the bullpen guy with NO ERA….
None other than Jamey Wright who’s got a bran-new nick nickname: “One-Pitch”
Which is exactly how many pitches he’s thrown in each of his last two outings – last night for the last out in the 8th and in the 13-3 win over Detroit, he threw one pitch that resulted in the last TWO outs of the 7th.

Lastly, Brandon can make things interesting in the 9th, but he’s gotten it done when he had the chance.  Four of four in save opportunities.

Oh, and how could I forget?!? 
Carlos Peguero recorded his first major league hit! (we’ll just forget that he got picked off first after that)
And – his favorite snack is …. peach yogurt (displayed on the big screen when he was at bat 😉
And, kudos to McCarthy…
He basically matched Felix – a couple less K’s, a couple less walks and way less pitches.