g21 | Mikey, we Likey!

Mariners 4 | Athletics 0


Thoroughly enjoyable game to be at.  Michael threw a lot of pitches and ran into the first bit of adversity in his young career, allowing a couple of base-runners in three different innings…

  • back-to-back walks in the 2nd
  • a single and a wild pitch in the 5th 
  • a couple of singles in the 6th

But, he worked threw it without giving up a run and, no doubt he gained valuable lessons from the experience.

In the end, David, Aaron, Jamey and Brandon were able to keep the shutout in tact and preserve the win for Michael and the team.  Jamey, however, made things a little more interesting than they should have been in the 9th.  I was a bit skeptical when Wedge called in Jamey from the pen for the top of the 9th, I wondered at the time how he would perform in a seemingly “non-critical” situation.  I haven’t looked at the stats, but it seems like he’s come in to games, more often than not, in the middle of an inning where things are a bit dicey (runners on, close game, etc.) as opposed to the top of an inning with a decent lead.  He struck out the lead-off batter, but proceeded to issue a single, single, walk to load the bases.  Thankfully, Brandon entered stage left and did what Jamey’s been known to do in a high leverage situation – get a quick out, in this case it was two quick outs – a double-play on four pitches.

The other thing that pleased me to no end was the solid defense and even a couple of stellar plays like:  Adam’s great throw to Miggy to nail Pennington at the plate and the Ryan-to-Wilson-to-Kennedy double play turned in the 7th.


And, whadaya know?  There was a bit of offense for a change as well.  Now, we’d all prefer it if Jack Cust would start hitting home runs like he was brought here to do but, he did manage to draw his 4th bases loaded walk (7th overall base-loaded walk for the M’s who lead the league in all walks).  Adams two-run single would make it 4-0 and there it would stay.

Oh, and by the way, the roast beef crepes in the ‘pen are to die for!