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Mariners 3 | White Sox 2

Felix CG +
Ichiro walk (6th) +
Milton double (6th) +
Justin double (6th) +
Jack C single (9th) +
Jack W single (9th) +
Brenden single (9th) =

Pretty satisfying to see some of the strugglers coming around – just a little confidence can go a LONG way toward turning around prolonged slumps.

The D had a couple of interesting plays – good and bad…
Juan Pierre singled to lead off the 4th and then Ramirez reached base safely on a sac bunt. Felix, Justin and Miggy had all converged to field the ball just in front of home plate.  Miggy retrieved it but, had to eat it as Jack W wasn’t covering 1B – argh!  Pierre later scored on a sac fly.  Then White Sox had a bit of blunder themselves, this one on the base paths, that the M’s defense took full advantage of.  Beckham led off the 8th with a double and was sacrificed to 3B but, broke way too early when the ball was hit in the infield to shortstop – Figgy and Miggy combined to get him out in a run down.

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Other than than the slider that didn’t slide, Felix was Felix…
Felix retired the entire White Sox lineup in order to start the game and had only thrown 49 pitches through the first five innings.  Other than Quentin’s solo shot over the hand-operated scoreboard, Felix only allowed two other hard hit balls – doubles (one of the lead-off variety) neither of which scored.  Once his night was done, he was there watching, on the top step of the dugout, jersey untucked and was one of the first among the throng of “lick-givers” at 1B after Brendan’s game-winning hit.

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I suppose, despite my rosy proclivity, I should mention that Milton was tossed (for the second time in less than a week) for arguing balls and strikes….

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Oh, Milton.  Embrace the good and make like a duck for the rest…
Things are going good right now.  The team has won 8 of their last 10 games and you, yourself are coming around – two doubles, two runs batted in and one run scored in the last week.  Just let the frustrations roll off your back.

.500, here they come!