So about Milton..

I’ll admit to mixed feelings about this whole deal.

My head says the decision made today was the right one for the team (and maybe should have been made long ago).  My heart can’t help but feel for a very troubled soul.
When the original trade of Carlos Silva for Milton Bradley went down, I was hoping (as it turns out, against hope) that the change of venue would be just the ticket for each player – that it would be a win-win situation.  It couldn’t have gone much worse for either side. While Silva started out great for the Cubs last season, by the second half, he was back to his old self and by this year’s ST he was DFA’d.  As for Milton, he didn’t ever provide the M’s much save for a distraction.  He reached out to the team for help and they obliged.  Apparently, ‘the help’ didn’t help as he was never able to contribute much on the field and his off the field issues only seemed to escalate.
Shannon gives some insight here.
So, once again I’m left hoping that things work out for both sides.
The M’s are in desperate need of offensive production and are determined to assess the readiness (or lack thereof) of some of their top prospects in order to lay out their future plans.  I actually have faith (surprise, surprise) that they will accomplish this – the M’s will return to being competitive.  Likely not this season and maybe not even next but, Mariners Baseball will be fun again someday.
Milton, however, seems to have the taller task.  He needs to work through his issues, if possible, and decide how to go forth in a life without baseball.  Good luck with being well, Milton.