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Mariners 4 | Yankees 3

Picking up Pineda – ‘t was a beautiful thing.


We all wondered how he would handle a little adversity ~ what adjustments he would be able to make ~ pitch to pitch, batter to batter, inning to inning.  I can say with confidence, Michael handled it splendidly.

Going into this game, he had a 4.36 K to BB ratio. Tonight, for this game, it was even – 5K, 5BB (hence a quickly elevated pitch count).  Yet, despite his command/control issues and the solo shot by Teixiera, – Michael hung in there through five and still gave his team a chance to win allowing only 3 hits and 3 runs to the most potent offense in the AL.

Like they say, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.  He was far from “killed” and something tells me he’s going to make like a sponge and absorb every drop of learning that can come from an outing like this.

Who gives a rip about hits w/RISP?
What really matters, as the M’s showed the pin-stripers tonight, is RBI w/RISP.  The M’s were 0-8 w/RISP, but ALL of their FOUR runs came via ground out or fielder’s choice as they scraped and scrapped to get their phenom off the hook and reach the .500 mark and half game out of first place.

It all started in the bottom of the 5th …
Brendan singled, Ichi doubled, Luis and Justin each grounded out and each picked up an RBI.  The M’s were within one.

Then, in the 6th, a similar story…
Adam and Miggy singled and Carlos’s walk loaded the bases.  Brendan grounded into a FC, Ichiro grounded out and each picked up an RBI.  The M’s had the lead for the first time and it would not be relinquished.

Let’s give it up for the BP!
They were stellar, as has been the case more often than not…
David (WIN), Jamey (HOLD) and Brandon (SAVE) combined for 4IP – 2H – 0ER -1BB


Oh, and then there was the little matter of the D
Guti was back in his rightful place in Safeco Field’s center field and doing his level best to murder all things flying including his 4th inning third out thievery of Swisher’s home run.


As for the infield, no double plays were turned (on either side) but the M’s showed some solid, capable play.  Adam got the most put outs (5), Luis filled in fine at 3B making a couple PO of his own and Justin snared an at ’em ball.

And then there’s Brendan (I knew there was a reason he was quickly becoming one of my fav’s – besides his attitude – he’s actually got aptitude!).  He showed some rangy plays for outs, but, probably the best was when he and Jamey teamed up to pick Nunez off 2B – it’s all about the “eye contact”.  They are always great, but was really nice about that third out, was that it meant Brandon would face Swisher (who was at bat during the pick off), Gardner and Jeter in the 9th instead of Gardner, Jeter and Granderson.


Just a great win from a team that found a way to win when their biggest strength faltered for a night.

Next up ~ Happy Felix Day!

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