g82 | Just call him Mr. Shutout

Mariners 6 | Padres 0

Tonight was Jason’s third complete game shutout in six starts (the others vs. the Rays and the Phillies). He was the master of efficiency (which I guess follows along in general for CG’s).  He had only thrown 71 pitches through seven innings, ended up with 20+ in the 8th but got through nine with 106 total.  Not too shabby.

If Doug Fister is Houdini (seeming to thrive on getting out of jams) then Jason Vargas is definitely Jekyll and Hyde (ON or OFF, not much in-between).  Here’s a little stat comparison of Jason’s season so far…

in his FIVE losses (24.1 innigs)
28 ER
11 BB
15 K

in his SIX wins and SIX no decisions (83.2 innings)
17 ER
19 BB
60 K

It was REALLY great to see the offense score early and play add-on for a change. They scored in four different innings and four of their nine hits were doubles.  Some of the usual suspects came through (Carlos and Adam combined for 3H – 1BB – 4 RBI – 1R) and some of the recent strugglers contributed greatly (Justin, Jack C, Brendan combined for 4H – 4BB – 2RBI – 4R).

Heck, even Figgy had a decent game (and, as the evening progressed, there was a noticeable decrease in the ‘boo decibal’).  He made one great snare of a hot shot liner and started a nifty double play as well.  And, he even got a hit – a solid single up the middle.

Speaking of defense, it was pretty awesome all around tonight.  Brendan made a super leaping catch and Guti, though neither he or Adam could get to the fly ball, was able to catch the runner trying to stretch it to two for the second out of the 5th.  And, don’t know what it is with all these NL outfielders, but it sure seems like at least once per game one of them robs one of our guys of an XBH.

Oh yeah, it was fun seeing the old uni’s…

Getty Images

And, here’s hoping Padre Orlando Hudson is OK after a wicked foul ball he took on the shin.