g93 | No longer Mister, just call him St. Fister

Mariners 0 | Rangers 4

The Rangers have a multi-faceted offense.
The Mariners have a no-faceted offense.

Not so fun facts:
Mariners offense has gone scoreless for 26 consecutive innings…
4 more scoreless innings will break their franchise record for such

Rangers don’t need to hit homers to score…
their first three RBI tonight came on sac-flies, their fourth via a single

Doug Fister is on pace for a record he would rather not have…
to be sixth ALL TIME of among AL pitcher with the lowest run support

One can just not say enough positive things about Doug Fister.
In his 19 starts, his run dispersement is as follows…
-five runs twice
-four runs four times (including tonight)
-three runs three times
-two runs three times
-one run six times
-zero runs once

In his 19 starts, he had never gone less than 5.2 innings pitched…
-5.2 innings three times
-between 6 and 6.2 innings five times
-between 7 and 7.2 innings five times
-exactly 8.0 innings five times
-exactly 9.0 innings once

He has fielded his position with grace and ease.

He has had stellar play behind him (only 2 of 49 runs scored on his watch were unearned)

He has never once made a mumble about the pathetic offense behind him.

I’m thinking instead of Mr. Fister….
he should be dubbed St. Fister.

Hang in there, Doug.