g94 | Sweet and Sour

Mariners 1 | Rangers 3

The Celebration of 116 was indeed sweet.


2001 Mariners – Where are they now?

Unfortunately, the rest of the evening was mostly sour.

So, I won’t dwell on the the facts that..
-Felix pitched well  – until the 8th inning and lost another game
-the offense took their string of consecutive scoreless innings to 30 before Ichiro’s RBI single in the 5th
-another scoreless streak was started – four and counting

But instead highlight the few bright spots…

  • Dustin’s double tonight gave him 4 total in his early big league career.  He has reached base safely in 23 of his 25 games and has failed to collect a hit in only two.  He also has recorded 2 triples, 3 home runs, 8 walks and 2 stolen bases, showing that he is not only a bright spot for 2011 but, a beacon of hope for the future.
  • Guti stole a base and made an amazing running catch look ever-so effortless – a “Guti-glide”
  • two very nice double-plays (Dustin-Brendan-Justin, Felix-Brendan-Justin)

Also worth noting, for me, were my seat-mates this evening..
A delightful couple from Colorado (Steve and Becky)  He, originally from Boston and, of course, a Red Sox fan.  We chatted about all sports as the evening progressed.  I passed along little tid-bits, not necessarily nationally covered, such as: Kyle and Dustin’s college days together, Justin’s loss of his father, Guti’s illness, and the amazing quantity of rookies that have started and made their debut as a Mariner this season.

I also pointed to the stadium across the street (where I had been in attendance this afternoon for the Sounders thrilling victory against the reigning MLS Champion Colorado Rapids) and told them of the wonderful phenomenon that is Sounders FC soccer.  When “Sonics Night” was flashed across the LCD boards between one of the innings, I reminded them that our basketball team is now in Oklahoma City.  He shared that he’s a Matt Hasselbeck fan, obviously due to the Boston roots they share.

They are off tomorrow on a on a biking/camping trip on Bainbridge Island…
fingers crossed for sunshine or at least no rain.

Here’s to the M’s eeking out a victory in this last game of four with the Rangers, as it ain’t getting any easier… next up: east coast road trip to TOR, BOS and NYY