Remembering 116…

A little ditty I wrote during the magical Mariners run in 2001…
(to the tune of Gilligan’s Island)

Just sit right back and enjoy the games
the games of a special year.
They started from this field of dreams,
under blue skies clear.
The team was assembled wisely,
some new, some familiar names.
Spring training prepared them for
one-hundred sixty-two games…one-hundred sixty-two games.
The season started out so hot,
the team on a torrid pace.
Because of the talent on Piniella’s crew
they could taste pennant race…taste pennant race.
Fleet of foot on the outfield grass,
the pitching well in hand.
With Ichiro, Mike Cameron, McLemore and Ed-gar,
Stan Javier, the Chief, Aaron and Jamie too,
here in Mariners Land!
So this is the tale of our magical team,
they’re here for a long, long time.
They make the best of everything,
to be a fan’s sublime.
Bell, Guillen, Boone and Oly too
will do their very best
to turn amazing double plays.
Will Ichiro ever rest?
No slump, no quit, no egos here,
not a single losing streak.
Lake late nineteen ninety-five,
Mariners at their peak.
So join us here each night our fans,
your’re sure to give a hand
for twenty-five Louie-ball guys,
here in Mariners Land!

It will be fun to see some of the guys from that team gathered together again tonight at Safeco Field.
There will always be a sense of disappointment at how the post season ended short of a World Series appearance but, it in my mind, it doesn’t take away from the greatest regular season in American League history.  The common measure of a major league success is a World Series title but, it isn’t always the best team that wins it, it is very often the hottest.  Unfortunately, the 2001 M’s were hot as could be for 6 months and just couldn’t keep the fire burning into that ‘extra season’.