g105 | Super Sonics clap, clap, clap-clap-clap!

Mariners 0 | Rays 8

And the M’s?  Somewhat less than super.

At first blush, it would appear that Erik’s value took a big dive tonight, since he didn’t even make it through two innings.  He walked four (going to three counts on nearly every batter) and gave up five runs (including a couple that were inherited by Aaron).  His “stuff” was there but, obviously, the command was not.  The guys in the booth commented that Erik seemed to be having trouble pushing off with the knee brace on and others (not in the booth) were complaining that he was getting squeezed.  Some were of the opinion that, considering he hadn’t pitched in a month and had no rehab start, maybe he’s still a chip.  I guess we will know by Sunday at 1pm.

Laffey had a real rough go but, the rest of the pen faired much better…
Jamie, Chris and Josh combined for five innings, 3 hits, one walk and six strikeouts (with Aaron having gone 1.2 – here’s hoping Michael can go deep tomorrow).

As for the offense, move along, nothing to see here…
three singles (Dustin, Adam, Figgy) and three walks (Dustin, Mike and Figgy) and no one touched the Rays bullpen.

Obviously it was for naught but, got to give kudos to Figgy, he played one of his best defensive games as a Mariner.

Hey, at least it was fun to see all the old Sonics and nice to see a tribute to Rich the Peanut Man..