g117 | a loss at Fenway Northwest

Mariners 4 | Red Sox 6

Mariners started 5 rookies in this game (including the starting pitcher) and another came in from the pen.

All things considered, despite the loss, there were plenty of positives….
~Mike extending his hitting streak to TWELVE, going 3 for 5 w/3RBI
~Dustin keeps on keepin’ on going 2 for 4 with an RBI
~Guti getting back in the grove (and batting 2nd) with 2 hits, 2 stolen bases and 2 runs scored
~all together TWELVE hits and THREE walks
~the bp did a nice job keeping the score where it was

But, it wasn’t without its disappointments…
~Blake posting the first “non-quality” start of his big league career
~WAY too many ducks left on the pond – 12 hits needs to net more than 4 runs

And, above and beyond the loss, the worst thing was…
Justin taking a wicked hop grounder to the face, suffering a broken nose (under-going a CT scan as a precaution after the game) in his first start after missing seven games with a bruised thumb.  He was so anxious to be back out there and finish the season strong and, his first swing (on the first pitch he saw) looked awesome – a deep fly ball to center but it was chased down by Ellsbury.

And, by the way, getting home from the game was a bit of an adventure tonight…
Apparently, there was a “security situation” at the link station where my car was parked.  I had to get off at the next station and call my husband (awaken him from a sound sleep) to come pick me up.  Of course, the “all clear” came through just about the time I sat down to write the recap.  Thankfully, the situation was “defused” (suspicious package removed).  No update so far as to if it was an actual bomb or a false alarm.