g147 | Objection!

Mariners 3 | Yankees 9

Not how it s’pose to be when Felix takes the mound vs. the pin-stripers from NY…

When the M’s score 3 runs on 4 walks and 8 hits including a double (Kyle) and a homer (Miggy) for Felix, he typically walks away with a victory.

Felix giving up more runs than strikeouts?  Certainly not typical.
Felix – of the 5-0 record and 1.29 ERA in his last six starts vs. the Yanks Yankees – giving up 5 runs in one inning?  Definitely not what we are used to seeing.

We have been a bit spoiled with Felix’s ability to own the Yanks in recent years.  Some would say he was “due”.  Felix said they have a good lineup and he had a bad inning.  You leave the ball up and they will make you pay.

Or, you can just blame me.
It was my first night in King’s Court…

At least the night wasn’t a total loss.  The King’s Court was great fun – from the presentation of the turkey leg to the jester (just across the isle) to the various Larry Bernandez look-alikes and, of course, the chanting….

                     Dustin Ackley – clap,clap,clap-clap-clap
                                                                        SEAfood Special!

And, I got to meet a great fellow Mariners fan…
I Really enjoyed “cheering and chatting” with you @Sheryl262!
See you up in the third deck this weekend!

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  1. It was so cool that we both experienced our first King's Court sitting next to each other! A loss, at a Yankees game, no less, was so much fun because we were in the middle of the action. So glad we were there on a lively night, with the jester right across the aisle. Hope to see more of you on the 300 level. Tweet me!

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